We follow the latest innovation and technologies to provide you with the best in class latest garments.

Here are the latest technology used on our garments



drirelease® fabrics is a unique and sophisticated active particle technology fabric that blends both synthetic and natural fibers. This is effective for both absorbing your sweat with its natural hydrophilic fibers, along with cooling you down by evaporating the water with its hydrophobic activity, making this fabric ideal for heavy workouts blended with multi denier and multi-staple length synthetic fibers that ease you with comfort. This is exactly what it takes to regulate your comfort. The turnover usage of the fabrics designed from drirelease® engineered blends are very high, because it is extremely reusable without it washing out over time, as it is not a chemical treatment. It maintains the highest standards for dryness and in comparison to most technologies on the market combining cotton, drirelease® blends dry up to four times faster. They are soft, comfortable, and maintain their quality by resisting wrinkles and static cling.


Powervita is the ultimate blend combining hyper resistance and phenomenally breathable texture. The technology maximizes its efficiency in various practices, including cardio, yoga, and so much more. The light fabric compresses with ease, giving you the push you need without having to overwhelm your skin with unnecessary tugs and pulls. Try the splits, check out how soft and comfortable this powerful blend is, it’s not a sheer fabric and boosts your confidence with any activity you thrive to achieve.



ECONYL® fabrics’ life purpose is to blend sustainability and a sense of fashion all in one, making this a favorite at Aura. This fabric consists of recycled fabric, dyes that are safe for the environment and Bio-degradable packaging. How does it promise this? By collecting fishing nets that are incorporated to form beautiful ECONYL® products made up of nylon; this cleans up our waters which in turn introduce fashion forward clothes. Additionally, with the usage of these regenerated nylon products, the effects of global warming impacted by nylon is dropped 90% in comparison with material from oil. This fabric unleashes opportunities for sustainability and ends the harmful loop to our oceans.