AURA is dedicated to make this beautiful abundance of positivity we call Earth, so much greener! We apply recycled and natural fabrics to the maximum potential along with the design and packages to be sustainable and green. This way we assure you of our goal to implement a sustainable system to our community and be a key establishment to raising awareness for sustainability.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality garments in an ethical, sustainable and innovative manner.

Why did we choose European manufacturers?

Simple, when it comes to textile quality then Europe is known for its high quality craftsmanship and skilled pattern makers which is why all of our garments are produced in Europe.

Ethical labor practice

Human rights is highly respected in Europe. European manufacturers assure ethical practices when it comes to employee and labor relations. Our manufacturers work in accordance with the Council of Europe protocols & covenants, UNESCO, International Labor Organization, and the United Nations to ensure the best outcomes for their employees.

We care for the planet

Since sustainability is an integral part of us, working with a European manufacturer supports this integral part. The European Union enforces environmental legislation for all companies located in the region to comply with. These legislations and requirements motivate companies to follow all environmental conditions in order to reduce the impact on our dear planet. Beside sustainable manufacturing processes we strive to use sustainable materials such as recycled fabrics, reusable and biodegradable packaging.


We follow the latest innovation and technologies

We follow the latest innovation and technologies to provide you with the best in class latest garments. Working with skilled European manufacturers made it possible for us to supply our garments with the latest technologies. Alongside the latest technology our garments are made from innovates and sustainable fabrics such as Drirelease, VitaPower and Econyl



With our promises to deliver you the highest quality, we designed our products to withstand all conditions.

From the early design stages to manufacturing stages we made sure to provide you with the highest quality garments that are made to withstand all conditions, which is why we provide you with a one year replacement warranty on all our products. So don't worry if you face any manufacturing defect we are happy to replace it for you. The warranty shall include the manufacture defects only and shall not cover all the damages caused to the product as a result of the misuses by the customer.

If you face any problems with manufacturing defects please contact us at